Meet Edison

Why does Construct Learning love Edison?

  • It’s affordable. At only $50, it’s one of the most affordable robots of it’s kind on the market.
  • It’s scalable. Instead of purchasing different robots for your beginner and advanced students, Edison can be programmed with a visual editor for your young learners and text-based Python for your more advanced students.
  • Durable. It can survive the wrath of any classroom.
  • Expandable. Using LEGO or the expansion pack, students can make all sorts of projects.

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Getting Started with Edison

Barcodes with Edison

EdBlocks with Edison

EdScratch with Edison

EdPy with Edison

Troubleshooting Edison

Getting Started with Edison

We’ve curated the most helpful resources to get you started with Edison. Many of these great resources come directly from the Microbric website.

If you have any questions, or are having difficulty with any of the resources, just drop us a line.

Barcodes with Edison

The special Edison robot barcodes let you kick-start your exploration of Edison using pre-set programs, control Edison like a remote-control car, or create your own remote-control programming masterpieces!

Barcodes and Edison Guide

Full Barcode List


EdBlocks is a fully graphical robot programming language for the Edison robot that is super easy to use. A drag-and-drop block-based system, EdBlocks is intuitive and fun, even for younger users. Perfect for introducing anyone to programming, EdBlocks is ideal for students aged 8 to 12 years old.

EdBlocks App

EdBlocks Teacher Guide

EdBlocks Lesson Plans


EdScratch is a vertical block-based visual programming language based on Scratch. EdScratch combines the ease of drag-and-drop programming with powerful functionality and versatility. The result is a robot programming language that is easy to learn and offers a robust platform for computer science education.

EdScratch App

EdScratch Teacher Guide

EdScratch Student Sheets

EdScratch Warning Messages


EdPy is a highly versatile text-based programming language for the Edison robot. EdPy is based on Python, a popular computer programming language renowned for being easy-to-learn with high readability. Programmers use Python to develop everything from the latest apps to business software. Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are just some of the many applications that use Python! EdPy makes text-based programming fun by letting students see their code come to life in their Edison robot. With EdPy, students are learning the core of a real programming language and are able to take their exploration of robotics and coding to a more advanced level.

EdPy App

EdPy Teacher Guide

EdPy Student Sheets