To be honest, we were quite hesitant to advertise pricing on our website. Not because we want to keep it a secret, but because every school we work with has different needs. So while this page won’t give you a concrete price list, it will give you an idea of what monetary investment is associated with working with Construct Learning. 

On average, schools pay around $1,500 for a full day of training.

However, several factors play into this number including,

  • Number of consultants. If you’re looking for multiple, simultaneous workshops, we will need to adjust pricing to bring multiple trainers.
  • Location. If the training is located outside 90 miles of the consultants residence, travel fees will be passed onto the school. These costs will be estimated in advanced and included in the total price for training.
  • Training materials. Some of our workshops require or give you the option of purchasing materials for your staff to use during and after the training.

Construct Learning is a team of creatives, and that creativity expands to the realm of budgeting. If you want to partner with Construct Learning but your budget isn’t allowing it, please let us know. We have had the pleasure of working with numerous sponsoring organizations that are committed to bringing STEM to schools and they can help you too! 

Prefer Virtual Support?

Construct Learning is also proud to offer virtual support to schools. Whether you’re looking for a large group session delivered via Zoom or Google Meet, or you are looking for more personalized support for a core group of teachers, Construct Learning can make it happen. Pricing for virtual support averages $200 per hour session. 

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