Harrisburg, PA

Who We Are

Heather Lister, Founder and Senior Consultant

Heather is a teacher-librarian with a passion for maker education and innovation. Previously a school librarian, she is now a Senior Maker Fellow with the Foundry Makerspace and the Founder of Construct Learning, LLC.
Heather received her Bachelors in Education in Library Science from Kutztown University in 2010 and then received her Masters Degree in Instructional Technology w/ a concentration in Digital Classrooms from Kutztown University in 2012. Heather also received a graduate certificate in School Administration and Supervision (ISTE Partnership Program) at Johns Hopkins University. Heather is beginning a Ph.D in Pragmatic Research in STEM Education beginning in Fall of 2019.
Heather is a Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Star and a PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator. She is a Raspberry Pi Certified Educator. She is a Makey Makey Certified Trainer and a littleBits Certified Training Partner. She is a mentor for Year in the Making. Heather serves as an adviser on the Transform Your School Library (TYSL) initiative, is a Buncee Ambassador, and a MackinVIA ConnextPert Educator. She was named the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association Leadership Award recipient in 2011. She is the President-Elect for ISTE’s Librarians Network. She is a member of ALA, AASL, ISTE, ILA, PSLA, and PAECT.

She holds a Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate in Library Science (K-12), Instructional Technology (K-12), Principal’s Certification (K-12) and Middle-Level Mathematics (7-9). 

Heather has presented at FETC, TCEA, ILA, and ISTE among many other state and regional conferences. To keep up with her latest adventures, follow her blog, heatherlister.com

Jessica Malloy, Consultant

Jessica is a STEM Curriculum and Instructional Specialist and consultant on the topics of makerspace and space transformation.

Her library transformation was featured in Diana Rendina’s book, Reimagining Library Spaces. Jessica is a co-founder of Gadget Girls, an engineering initiative raising interest in STEM disciplines particularly for girls in Grades 3-5. Jessica currently serves as a Collaborative Leadership Team Leader on the National Girls Collaborative Project. She also serves on the Teacher Advisory Group for Pitsco. Jessica is an ExxonMobil STEM Academy Alum, presented at NSTA, TCEA, CAST, TLA and ISTE to share her passion for STEM and making. Jessica currently resides in Plano, Texas with her three children.

Erick Hanson, Consultant

Erick is a Media Specialist and Technology Coach in the East Pennsboro Area School District in Pennsyvlania. Prior to this role, he spent 12 years as a high school history teacher. Erick created EP Media, a student-led, competency-based, new media company, through which students learn video production, but also business, marketing, project management, fundraising, budgeting, and more. Erick holds a Masters of Arts in 21st Century Teaching and Learning from Wilkes University. 

Erick is also the co-host of the Greater Educator podcast. 


Rob joins Construct Learning with a masters degree in architecture and urban design from MIT and over 10 years of professional experience ranging from Teen Expression Center-Harrisburg (TECH) Coordinator at the Neighborhood Center, to projects like Harrisburg’s Southern Gateway Project, to Hope VI housing in Philadelphia and New Orleans. Additionally, Rob brings 5+ years in teaching college and high school vocational education to the Foundry. Dedicated to service based learning, Rob seeks to marry academic theory with practical everyday problems. For example, in 2013 Rob created a 1:1 model of Midtown Harrisburg in Minecraft with the goal to use the game to teach civic engagement, “City as School.” He is passionate about building digital literacy through 21st Century Learning and STEAM (STEM+Art) design & systems thinking.  He has led workshops on a variety of maker related topics including Google for Education, community design, stop frame animation, film, littleBits, 3D modeling, Makey Makey, Minecraft, video game design and Scratch programming.

Interested in joining the Construct Learning team? We are currently seeking experienced practitioners to join our consulting staff. If you have a passion for STEM and hands-on learning and are interested in joining our team of professional learning consultants, we’d love to hear from you. Send a note to heather@constructlearning.org to start the conversation.